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I am retired. Earned a BA in English Literature. Served in US Army '64-'67. Worked predominantly in the F & B industry. Avid reader. Heavily opinionated & not afraid of controversial subjects.

Confessions of a Dying Man


Where to begin. The beginning, I suppose. A bright sunny day in the Bronx, so lovely out, my Mother decided to enjoy a walk around the grounds. Who could blame her, after being confined to a hospital bed for weeks & having the doctors medically delay the birth of that tiny baby fighting to come into the world. She couldn’t know that a flash storm would soak her back to the brink of pneumonia, and so, in her weakened condition, nothing could stop that boy now. In fact, nothing could stop him ever again, not the bronchial condition he was born with, nor any bully his path crossed, or any calamity he would come to face in his future.

That baby boy wanted to be in the world, and, he came out of the warmth of his mother’s womb laughing & smiling. To her, he was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. That never changed (well once, but that tale comes later) for the rest of her life.

I shall tell this story, in starts and stops. A wandering attention span, a body wracked with pain, and a heart breaking from watching the world & people I love, face such an uncertain future. I can only promise to tell this story honestly and without fear of consequence.

Dreaming, always dreaming. From my earliest memories, asleep and often, while awake, my head was filled with dreams. Funny though, it wasn’t until 10 years ago, that I was diagnosed with Rem Sleep Disorder, and finally understood that it was a life long condition. You see, my dreams are real, well not real, but when I am dreaming, the world I am in seems completely real. My sleeping self is eminently dangerous. Many of my dreams manifest through a Don Quixote complex. I find myself trying to save friends, family or complete strangers from fatal attacks. These attacks are so real that I start punching, kicking, throwing things only to awake to the realization that it was just a dream. One doctor advised me to never sleep above the 1st floor of a hotel, for fear that I would walk straight off a balcony in my sleep.
When a kid, I embarrassed my Mom &Dad by insisting that I had been at their wedding (a dream, of course) totally inappropriate for a couple in the 1940’s to have children out-of-wedlock. I was so certain that I had been there, that I could describe it in convincing detail, having been gifted with a golden tongue, as well.
This dream state comes with certain caveats. Although, still quite good with rifle & pistol, having trained with both in the military, I will not keep a gun in the house, for fear of accidentally shooting a loved one while dreaming. I also lock myself in at night, after having found myself waking up in another room, with no idea where I was, or, how I got there.
Fortunately, the majority of my dreams are happy ones, and, I wake laughing or in a more euphoric state.


Budget BS

I have listened to the back & forth of partisan politicians, endlessly blowing BS up our butts, without saying anything about the real problem this country is facing.  The Dems braying like donkeys, or is it jackasses, about raising taxes on the rich in order to give the middle class & the poor a tax break; while the Repubs trumpeting like an elephant that the rich should get enormous tax breaks, at the expense of entitlement programs enjoyed by the middle and lower classes.  But, I have not heard anyone talking about fixing the problem of the most entitled of all Americans.

I have written to the President, the members of Congress, to State officials and to any number of newspapers, magazines & web blogs about this problem, along with viable solutions, and have yet to hear a word from any of them.  So, I decided to post my first article on WordPress, to see if there is anyone out there that gives a hoot, or even someone who will just tell me I’ve got it all wrong, that I should just go sit on an egg.

To make any progress in decreasing, no eliminating the massive debt we have accumulated since Bill Clinton left office, we actually do have to cut entitlements.  The most entitled people in this country are the same people that are running this country.  Every politician from the President of the United States down to the lowest civil servant in a city government are killing the taxpayers.  Federal, State, County & City governments are strangling this nation.  We pay their salaries, expenses, health care and pensions.  It is time for the American people to stand up and demand that all cuts start with these so-called civil servants.  The only thing these greedy sons of guns (i can say that, right) serve is all the pork that they can eat and get away with, and then some.

Congress, during a time of war, no three wars in Iraq, Afghanistan & worldwide Terror, had the temerity to give themselves a raise of 5% in their salaries and expenses.  Our children are dying by the thousands, and ten times more being maimed physically & mentally, and the these greedy a….s reward themselves for a job not done.  They claim tax cuts for the rich will result in trickle down economics, but since we only lost jobs while the rich have been enjoying their tax breaks over the past ten years, I guess that money trickled down into our leaders pockets.  State, County & City politicians saw how well the Federal guys were doing decided that they too should share the wealth, and followed the Feds lead.

Well now it’s time to fix all that.  Congress should start by returning the 5% increase they gave themselves, and then freeze salaries until the deficit is gone.  Any raise after that should be voted on by the people that vote these greedy  pigs into office.  There should be an immediate end to the healthcare these leaders of the “greatest Nation in the world”, and they should enroll in Medicare, or Obamacare just like the people they purport to represent.  All government pensions should end, with no grandfathering for those who already are receiving enormous pensions.  These should be rolled into IRAs or 403Bs with a government match of 3% up to 5% of their annual salary.  However, no match is to be paid until the deficit is completely gone.  Remember, folks, these petty prince and their entrenched bureaucracy are living high in the hog at our expense, and we are stupid enough to keep re-electing the same do nothings and then go on to elect their children.  No wonder they think they are Entitled!

Let’s remember, these people work for us.  When a lobbyist gives them money to buy their loyalty, that money belongs to us.  We elected them to do what we want done, so, from now on, on lobbyist money goes not to the senator or congressperson, it goes to us, the taxpayers.  And, we will use that money to pay down the deficit, fund the programs that will bring jobs back to the people,.  Repairing the roads, bridges and tunnels.  Creating viable energy alternatives, building a hi-speed rail system that will benefit everyone citizen of our country, cleaning up the polluted waters of this nation & stop the rampant pollution by corporations, that lead to global warming (oh, I forgot, we’re not supposed to say those words).

I live in Georgia, and the Atlanta Board of Commissioners just voted to increase there pay from $39,500 to $60,000 a years, and when asked if that was fair, after cutting teachers, law enforcement & fire fighters, they said “oh, yes.”  We must not let this happen people. The Governor of Georgia was brought before the ethics committee, so, he fired them.  Come on, people wake up, stand up and fight to take back your government. A government that once made this the greatest nation to live in, in this world.

I’m sure that this post will offend many, well they should be offended.  They have brought this Nation to it’s knees, and they will squeeze every penny they can get out it’s people until; we say Stop!

World Tour Retrospective

My 1st post on Word Press, fittingly is about the world tour being taken by my daughter Nicole & her friend Christy.  Two young women living a dream, and thanks to them, I and all their family and friends have been able to vicariously join their ride.  Whether it be by plane, train, bike, kayak, or even hitch-hiking across Fiji,  New Zealand & Australia I have enjoyed their wonderful adventure.

We have been able to see the places they have been & enjoy the friends they have made on their travels.  Rather than go through the traditional travel, nicole & christy have opted to backpack and try to meet others doing the same, as well as the native residents. Many adventures & wonderful surprises have turned up during their trip. Like finding BOBO’S FARM in Fiji & being treated to a lovely experience, while making a new friend.

nicole shadow walking in the sand

christy hitchhiking

bobo's farm!!

nightime on the mountain, N.Z.

nicole in Rotoura, N.Z.