World Tour Retrospective

My 1st post on Word Press, fittingly is about the world tour being taken by my daughter Nicole & her friend Christy.  Two young women living a dream, and thanks to them, I and all their family and friends have been able to vicariously join their ride.  Whether it be by plane, train, bike, kayak, or even hitch-hiking across Fiji,  New Zealand & Australia I have enjoyed their wonderful adventure.

We have been able to see the places they have been & enjoy the friends they have made on their travels.  Rather than go through the traditional travel, nicole & christy have opted to backpack and try to meet others doing the same, as well as the native residents. Many adventures & wonderful surprises have turned up during their trip. Like finding BOBO’S FARM in Fiji & being treated to a lovely experience, while making a new friend.

nicole shadow walking in the sand

christy hitchhiking

bobo's farm!!

nightime on the mountain, N.Z.

nicole in Rotoura, N.Z.